Casinos are condemned for advertising “without a crown”

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The gambling regulator of the Netherlands, Kansspelautoriteit, posted a message on the official web resource accusing online casino operators of inappropriate advertising. The subject of outrage was the slogan “without a crown”, which, according to the company, is unacceptable in the circumstances caused by the spread of the well-known virus in the world.

The scandal surrounding the promotion

The body controlling gambling activity in the Netherlands made a statement on Tuesday. It spoke about the increased advertising activity deployed by companies that provide services in the field of online gambling entertainment. This trend aims to take advantage of the situation of the closure of land-based casinos due to the pandemic.

Representatives of Kansspelautoriteit announced that they consider such promotions unacceptable and will take measures to ensure that the global health crisis is not used as a business promotion tool.

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in the Netherlands exceeds 1,700 people. Of these, 43 died.

Last week, all national gambling establishments of Holland Casino were closed. The provision of services will not be resumed until April 6. This means that Dutch gambling enthusiasts will not be able to get into land-based casinos

In the Netherlands, the market for online games for money is being reorganized. At the moment, many international companies provide services to Dutch citizens without the appropriate permission from Kansspelautoriteit. It is planned that this will change next year when the new gambling law becomes operational.

Penalties for invitations “without a crown”

On Tuesday, the chairman of Kansspelautoriteit made a statement that he adheres to the opinion about luring players with incorrect offers. Operators of online casinos of the type and advertisers who used the phrase “without a crown” will be punished for their actions.

The head of the regulatory body warned that companies trying to take advantage of the current situation in the world will not receive a Kansspelautoriteit license. This is fraught with a ban on the provision of gambling services on the territory of the state.

The new law concerning remote gambling entertainment should start working from January 1, 2021. At the same time, Kansspelautoriteit starts accepting applications from operators seeking to serve the country’s customers in a regulated environment.

It is planned that the online gambling market in the Netherlands will start functioning six months after the entry into force of the legislative document. Consequently, the first regulated gambling operations will begin in mid-2021.

Last week it became known that the cooling-off period has been extended in the Netherlands, which will work simultaneously with the law regulating remote gambling. This will prevent companies that have previously interacted with Dutch customers without permission from quickly applying for a license from Kansspelautoriteit.